Ahmed M. Sabbagh Receives The Golden Medal of Merit Respectively in Recognition of his Wise Management from Tatweej Academy for Excellence Awards


Mr. Ahmed Sabbagh, General Manager of the Islamic Insurance Company of Jordan, has received a Golden Merit and a Certificate of Excellence as awards in recognition of his Wise Management from The Excellence Awards Academy (The Tatweej Academy for Excellence Rewards). This ceremony was jointly organized by the Excellence Awards Academy (Tatweej) and the General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions.

The Tatweej Islamic Awards in its 6th annual honoring ceremony will witness the coronation of selected leaders of Islamic Financial Sector for the “Nibras” BIFA AWARD the Best Islamic Financial Award in recognition of their achievements and leadership. This ceremony was held in participation and with the valuable attendance of high ranked officials, business leaders, chairmen, presidents, managing directors, bankers, investors from different countries of the Middle East.

Whereas Mr. Sabbagh was honored for his effective leadership of the Islamic Insurance Company of Jordan, which was also classified during the ceremony as one of the best Islamic Insurance Companies in the Middle East. Noting that the Islamic Insurance Company is the first Islamic Takaful Company in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and played a huge and important role in supporting the national Economy, as it provides several Insurance services in compliance with Shari’ah Principles to different segments of society.

Mr. Sabbagh expressed his gratitude for this recognition of his effective leadership for the Islamic Insurance Company of Jordan and he said that this reward is considered as additional achievement for the Islamic Insurance Company, then he added “Receiving such an award respectively is a great motivation for the Islamic Insurance Company to reach the highest ranks in Islamic Insurance Industry based on its three satisfying (C)s pillars; Conscious, Client and Company.”