Social Takaful Insurance "Life"

In order to satisfy the person need of security, after relying on Almighty God, of the future of his family members through obtaining a certain amount of money which would provide them with the living stability and cover the necessary expenses and achieve the proper living and to release the person responsibility in case of Death or Total Permanent Disability.

The Islamic Insurance Company issues the Takaful Insurance Policy in which the company pay a certain amount of money, to be agreed  upon, in case of death or total permanent disability of the member as a result of sickness or accident during the period of insurance provided that it does not contradict with our Islamic Shari'ah principles.

The Takaful Department in the Islamic Insurance Company issues Individual and Group Takaful Insurance policies as follows:

Individual Policy:
which the department issue for individuals and the Individual is Insured under one Insurance Policy.

In order to issue this Insurance Policy the following information are needed:

  • Personal Information
  • Health Declaration . 
  • Sum Assured .
  • Period of Insurance . 

These information are need to determine the Insurance Contribution, and the Insurance Policy will remain valid as long as the contribution is settled on its due dates

Group policies:
Which refer to the Takaful Insurance issued on the level of Organization, Companies , Institutions , Communities, and the Insurance is issued in our Insurance policy is issued for all the Organization members.

In order to issue this type of Insurance policies, the following information are needed in respect of the members to be Insured:

  • Names
  • Ages
  • Occupations
  • Sum Assured

The Islamic Insurance Company contributes a significant contributions and more the economic cycle in Jordan through protecting the interests of  Islamic banks , other financial institutions , lending funds , and pay the balance of the loan in case of death or permanent total disability of the borrower which leads to his inability to settle the loan amount .  

Therefore, the borrower compel is release before our Almighty God as mentioned on our Profit Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him saying that the soul of believers is hanged with its debit until it's paid, and released before Islamic banks and lending institutions and achieve the principle of Social Takaful and the stability and proper living standards to the inheritance and other family members who have suffered from the death or disability of their sponsor .