Islamic Insurance Company Celebrates its Twentieth Anniversary


The Islamic Insurance Company held a reception on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary on 11.04.2016 with the participation of various official figures and representatives from governmental and social bodies in addition to our loyal clients.

Mr. Musa Shehadeh, the Chairman of the Islamic Insurance Company, stated that the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of establishing the Islamic Insurance Company is an assurance of the success of the ​​Islamic insurance concept and its safe approach. He continued, "Establishing the Islamic Insurance Company in 1996 has formed the nucleus of the first Islamic Insurance work in Jordan, and was also able to put Jordan experience in Islamic Insurance in the map of  Islamic Takaful Insurance locally, regionally and internationally".

Mr. Shehadeh has valued the efforts of all BoD members during the past twenty years as well as the General Manager efforts, Mr. Ahmed M. Sabbagh, and the Executive Management, Share'ah Supervisory Boards members and employees of the Islamic Insurance Company whom all had such a great effective impact on the company.

At the beginning of this celebration, Mr. Shehadeh rewarded loyal and eldest employees whom has been working at the company since inception and whom has been working in the company for more than 10 years.  He handed them a wristwatch souvenir with a slogan of Islamic Insurance Company in recognition of their efforts.

Mr. Ahmed Sabbagh, Director and General Manager of the Islamic Insurance Company, has expressed his great pleasure and said that he is very proud of the company's achievements during the past twenty years by applying the cooperative insurance concept in the Jordanian Insurance Market. During this period the company has gained many well known prizes as; The Best Islamic Insurance Company in the Levant and Africa for the year 2012 and The Best Islamic Takaful Insurance Company award in Jordan for the year 201, in addition to the excellent rating that the company achieved as well as its good financial results. The end of 2015 witnessed a 7% growth rate in the total written premiums to reach 22.9 million JD, the increased rate of growth in earnings achieved a pre-tax 26% to around 2.9 million dinars, and the percentage of the growth in assets of 11% to about 37 million dinars, while the total paid indemnities during 2015 was 13 million JD, and shareholders' share of earnings before tax 2.4 million dinars and the policyholders share from profits was 547 thousand dinars.

Mr. Sabbagh concluded " we are proud of these achievements that emphasize our commitment and also continue to exert more efforts to keep the Islamic Insurance Company in the forefront and the prominent Islamic Insurance Company in Jordan .