Motor Insurance

Providing a distinguished Insurance Service is one of the most important achieved goals of The Islamic Insurance Company and through introducing various types of Insurance.

In our days the vehicles have formed an important role of the owners property which facilitates their transportation.

The Islamic Insurance Company is very keen to provide the Motor Insurance services to Companies , Institutions , Universities , or Schools , and introduce the motor Insurance Services to individuals , In addition to provide the Insurance Coverage to Insure the Coaches and Busses in a high professional and quality manners.

The most important Motor Insurances offered by the Company are:

  1. Motor Compulsory Insurance:
    The Islamic Insurance Company is very keen to introduce the Motor Compulsory Insurance to its clients who are looking for Sharia'h Compliance Insurance Services .
    In order to provide this Service, the company has run several branches at the Motor Vehicle Departments in the Kingdom .
  2. Comprehensive Insurance (Own damage and Motor Compulsory Insurance ):
    The Islamic Insurance Company provide the Comprehensive Motor Insurance for all types of vehicles which cover the material damage affecting the vehicle following a traffic accident .
    The Motor Comprehensive Insurance provides the following services:
    1. Repair the vehicles at the Dealers Garages for vehicles not more than three years of Age.
    2. Repair the vehicles at 1st class Garages accredited by the Company .
    3. Provide a Group discount for family members or the clients who have all their Insurances with the Company.
    4. Provide a suitable rates based on technical underwriting basis affordable to everyone .
    5. Provide Road Assistance Services for motor comprehensive Insurance Private Vehicles as follows:
      1. Towing the broken vehicle to the nearest repair shop .
      2. Change flat tyers .
      3. Filling the vehicle with fuel.
      4. Car battery breakdown .
      5. Locked on the vehicle keys.
      6. Travel assistance for the family member whilst the car broken outside home resident area .
  3. Total loss of the Vehicle Insurance :
    The Islamic Insurance Company Provide the Total Loss Insurance Policy for public Vehicles financed by Islamic Banks and protect their interest and reduce the loss in case of a motor accident damage the whole Vehicle .