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The Islamic Insurance Company is the first Takaful insurance company in Jordan.

The Islamic Insurance Company is the first Takaful insurance company in Jordan. It was established in 1996. It practices the legitimate cooperative Insurance which complies with the Islamic Share'ah laws and on the basis of a Wakalah (agency) with a known wage.

The company started with a capital of 2 million Jordanian Dinars and now reached 15 million Jordanian Dinars.

The Islamic Insurance Company dominates the largest share of the takaful market in Jordan and occupies a prominent position in the takaful insurance market inside and outside Jordan. The Islamic Insurance Company won many awards and it has a distinguished rating of ‘A (jd)’ (Single A) from the Islamic International Rating Agency.

We have participated in establishing many Takaful insurance in the Middle-East such like; Islamic Insurance Company in Yemen, Al-Aman Takaful Insurance Company (A.T.I) in the Lebanon, Saudi Reinsurance Company (Saudi Re), in Riyadh/Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and At-Takafulia Assurances in Tunis.

Our mission and vision statement

Striving Towards Takaful Excellence and Islamic Economic Development.

  1. Provide a legitimate alternative to commercial insurance to serve the needs of customers who don't deal with conventional insurance companies.
  2. Completion of the Islamic Economy circles alongside with Islamic Banks in Jordan.
  3. Contribute and flourish the national economy through securing economic projects, and investing and developing its funds by legitimate means.
  4. Providing high quality services to achieve customer satisfaction according to the rules and principles of the Islamic Shari'ah.

To keep spreading the Takaful insurance locally and abroad through our continuous success and by establishing more Takaful and Re-Takaful companies in the region.

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